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• 10/13/2018


As you read the title, it indicates that the Drama CD released a year ago shows that there might be a movie about how the Kurisu from the first movie failed to save SG Okabe back then.

This will become something similar to SG 0 but the protagonist will become Kurisu herself.

Do you think it might be a good last movie of the Steins Gate series?

Do you want to see the Sad Kurisu in SG 0 the Movie
  • Yes, Definitely!
  • No, I don't want to see another sad moments.
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• 10/2/2018

Did Suzuha steal her stuff?

I was reading the forums & it just now occurred to me that Suzuha landed in Japan a day before with practically no plan & little knowledge of the world as she is stunned by in. In the section about Suzuha this quote hit me "Suzuha manages to acquire a MTB bike and a phone"

How else would someone with no money (as the story never makes mention of her bringing any) & little knowledge of the country at the time manage to buy a high end bike & phone?

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• 9/27/2018

Stein's Gate 0 and Steins Gate Merged

Will the Beta Okabe and Steins Gate Okabe emerged like what happened in Season 1 in Episode 24?

This is my own speculation regarding the time paradox. Maybe in year 2036, where Okabe Rintarou has been known alive will interconnect to Steins Gate Okabe. That would be awesome, don't you think?

I actually finished watching the SG 0 Episode 23. I'm still waiting for Steins Gate 0 : Special.

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• 8/6/2018

Why did the Russians want to break the laptop?

Why did they come by and help out the main characters pulling up with a van and shooting everyone down? I mean they want Kurisu Makise's laptop too right? Yet they even make sure the laptop was destroyed for good and just zoom off like what?
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• 7/28/2018

Did anyone get the Phantom Breaker reference in ep 15 of S;G 0?

In the newest episode of S;G 0, Yuki cosplays as Mei from phantom breaker! The game is so obscure and not even american localized, so I figured I was one of the five people in America that got the reference. Did anyone else start freaking out when they saw the cosplay? :)
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• 7/19/2018

Problems with the world lines.

If I make a jump in time and send my memories a week ago, I'm jumping to another timeline, but what happens with the line from where I come from? The line where my original present would be, from which I left, physically I would still be there. In fact, in a chapter Mayuri poses this question to Okabe, but does not get an exact answer. I would like to know if my memories would be duplicated in a present me and a past me or simply the original line would be deleted.
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• 6/24/2018

Legend of the Galactic Waifu is on for the fifth year
Just wanted to get this out for anyone willing to support the Steins;Gate cast. I don't expect anyone to get as far as Best Girl, but any contribution is appreciated.
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• 6/23/2018

The worldline where the anime finished

I just wanna confirm my thoughts, this graphic is right?
Imgur Imgur
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• 6/20/2018

STEINS:GATE 0 Epilogue

So... I just finished S;G 0 true ending and it kinda left me confused, and after thinking for a long time here's what i can make up:

1. Okabe from "Promised Rinascimento" sent a D-Rine.

2. Okabe from the past received the D-Rine and goes through "Vega and Altair" route.

3. A while after VA ending, PR Okabe experienced Reading Steiner and replaced VA Okabe.

4. Okabe goes through several more world line jumps sometime before "Milky Way Crossing".

5. WMC Okabe made a recording to help the original Okabe and used the time machine before sending it so Reading Steiner won't activate, thus preventing him from replacing Okabe in the Steins Gate world line.

Let me know i got it wrong.
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• 6/5/2018

What happen to Okabe after and before the 8th episode in the alphaLine

!!! SPOILER SG0 ep 8 !!!
When okarin returns to the alpha line (episode 8), what happens to the okabe that was already there? and once he returns to the beta line, the okabe who sacrificed mayurii takes his place again?
For the makise kurisu that is on the spot, it takes the form of a change of personality?
In a moment of "madness" of okabe, he calls amadeus without remembering it (this is what I.A kurisu (tina: P) tells him after he has recovered)
can we imagine that then another "instance" of okabe will have taken its place?
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• 6/4/2018

D-mail after Mayuri's death

So I watched Steins:Gate second time, and I don't understand why after Mayuri's Death in beta world line Okabe didn't text himself in the past that she is dead like he did after Kurisu's death in alpha world line. As we know world line has changed after that D-mail so couldn't it happen again?
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• 6/2/2018

Reading Steiner and Steins;Gate finale

I already wrote this as a comment in the Reading Steiner wiki page, but I'll post it here too for more visibility:

When 2025 Okabe sends the video with the final instructions, he successfully manages to change the past, so from his point of view he will shift from his World Line to the Steins Gate one. Due to the activation of the Reading Steiner, Okabe is bound to forget about everything that happened between 2010 and 2025 in the Steins Gate World Line.

This would certainly make the ending sadder, but there's a solution: Steins Gate Okabe, knowing that the video is from 2025, just needs to back up his memories right before the activation of Reading Steiner and then loading them back into his brain.

Is my reasoning correct? If it is, I would love to see this matter addressed in the Steins;Gate 0 anime finale.
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• 5/27/2018

Plot Hole in Steins;Gate?

Is there really a plot hole in Steins;Gate?
If yes... can you point it out so my frustration disappears.

Hoping for someone to answer me...
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• 5/19/2018

who Kagari Shiina is theory

(Spoiler Alert) I feel that Kagari is the by-product of a timeline where Okabe and Kurisu have a baby now I say this for one of 2 reasons. First, in Steins;Gate for characters with discernable faces and important roles, they have a reason for being part of the story and usually either connect to Okabe or Kurisu. Second, There is no way that Kagari is going to purposely look like Kurisu just for plot convenience, plus even if true there seems to be a usual resemblance to Mothers and daughters in this anime. The examples would be Yuki and Suzuha and I'm talking about the first appearance of Yuki in Steins;Gate Episode 24 which is an Ova and also a continuation of episode 23. This is only a theory one that runs off how the flow and feeling of the anime and Game. If you don't understand what I mean watch the Anime or a walkthrough of the games and you will see why I say what I say.
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• 4/25/2018

Steins;gate world line is dystopia?

Well suzuha that came from the future at first have the lab member badge,and okabe made the lab member badge at steins;gate world isn't this meant that this two world is the same? If so than it will be a dystopia like suzuha said
Moreover christina will be working with SERN and suzuha will go back to the past (again) this make a loop,Okabe and Kurisu will also die at 2036. Please someone prove me wrong.
Btw steins;gate 0 start after episode 22 ending or episode 23 at 13 minutes(somewhere before mayuri slap okabe)
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• 4/24/2018

All openings and endings (season 1&2)

If anyone is interested, I made a video of every opening/ending in Steins; Gate season 1 and 2 :
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• 4/20/2018

Steins;Gate 0

Can anyone tell me when exactly S;G0 start? Does this mean he never see the massage from himself 15 years in the future? I mean he is depressed because he thinks he kill kurisu. So at exactly what moment does S;G0 start,or is it an entirely diffrent world line from the one on episode 23 (S;G)? Please someone explain this to me. Sorry if my english was bad.
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• 4/3/2018

I don't understand

(I'm french so sorry for the mistakes)
If onebody can help me : I thought 120 seconds = 5 days (1 second = 1 hour) but in ep 8, it's writing "120" seconds while they need go 17 years in past...
Why ?
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• 3/30/2018

Steins;Gate 0 anticipation intensifies!

Having never played through the visual novels, I have no idea how they might pick the storylines. Any guesses on what might be left out of the anime?
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• 3/3/2018

Steins;Gate - Linear Bounded Phenogram

Hello !
Does someone where I can find the sprites (and CG and Background too) from the VN Steins;Gate - Linear Bounded Phenogram ?
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