@channel is the Steins;Gate equivalent of real life 2channel.

Kurisu Makise is a @channeler and is ashamed of the fact. Rintarou Okabe and Itaru Hashida were surprised that Kurisu was a @channeler and teased her for that.

The Japanese meme on 2channel/2chan/2ch as well as on @channel is:

  • Person A: Nurupo (short for "Null Pointer Exception")
  • Person B: Ga (Sound of hitting someone on the back of the head)

This is a meme from 2chan's programming board.

The English translation of this popular meme is:

  • Person A: Lurk...
  • Person B: Moar.

Another translation of this popular meme is:

  • Person A: All your base...
  • Person B: Are belong to us.

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