Altair at the Apoapsis of Infinity light novel limited edition box cover

Steins;Gate: Altair at the Apoapsis of Infinity
 (STEINS;GATE 無限遠点のアルタイル Mugen Enten no Arutaeru? alt. translations: Altair at the Point of Infinity, Altair of Infinity) is the third installment in the Epigraph Trilogy side story light novels set in the Beta Attractor Field in the winter of 2010.



Altair at the Apoapsis of Infinity adposter featuring Shiina Kagari

Continues the story from Pandora of Eternal Return.

Poster quote:

setsubou no unmei ni touru
"kagaribi" ga terasu saki wa---

Lighting the way to the longed
for fate,
"Kagari's light(bonfire's flame)"
illuminates the future...





To be added...

Light NovelEdit


Light novel cover with sash


Light novel cover

The light novel originally set to be released on June 28, 2013. However, due to a delay it hit stores on September 26, 2013. It was published by 5pb./GigasDrop as regular and boxed limited editions as well as bundled into a box set with the rest of the trilogy. It was written by TAKIMOTO Masashi, the scenario writer for Darling of Loving Vows. The cover and text illustrations were done by huke.[1]

Light Novel Limited Edition BonusesEdit


Booklet cover

  • The spin-off drama CD Steins;Gate Arpeggio of Time Rotation.
  • The booklet Testimony of Pluralistic Difference (多元階差のテスティモニー Tagen Kaisa no Tesutimonī) containing guest illustrations by various artists and a reprinting of the short story The Distant Valhalla.


  1. Official website (Japanese)
  2. A Very Intriguing Cover for Upcoming "Steins;Gate" Story

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