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Amadeus is the name of a memory storage and artificial intelligence system, which Makise Kurisu is involved in developing and researching at Victor Chondria University in the US along with Hiyajo Maho and the university's Senior Chief of Neuroscience, Alexis Leskinen. Its name is a Latin-derived given name meaning "Love God!"[1]

The system is able to convert human memory data into digital data and create an externally-stored version of a person in the form of an A.I.

It is mentioned by name and featured in Steins;Gate 0, the Epigraph Trilogy, and the Epigraph Trilogy accompanying drama CDs. The research behind the system in turning human memory data into digital data and vice versa is the key component to the Time Leap machine.

Kurisu's ThesisEdit

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Medical Applications of the ResearchEdit

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Amadeus in Steins;Gate 0Edit

First was introduced in Leskinen's Lecture about Amadeus itself, along with Hiyajou Maho. They booted up Hiyajou Maho's Amadeus.

After Okabe Rintarou shared his experience with Kurisu (which was in the alpha attractor field worldline) to Hiyajou Maho, Maho later introduces Okabe to Amadeus version of Kurisu. Okabe given a chance to discuss things with Amadeus Kurisu, and he asked about time travel, he repeat all the things mentioned by Alpha attractor field Kurisu in her lecture in ATF about time travel, which is about denying their possibilities, but Amadeus Kurisu said it was impossible for now since there is something is yet to be discovered. Later, Maho and Leskinen gives okabe a "tester" privilege to have the access to Amadeus Kurisu from his smartphone.

Amadeus in the Epigraph TrilogyEdit

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