Future Gadget #1 'Bit Particle Cannon'Edit

a Laser-gun shaped TV remote control. However, only the "Channel +" button works, and you have to turn on the TV manually to use the remote. Inspired from fictional anime 'Mobile Brave Gunbam'.

"TV remote installed inside a toy ray gun. Point it at the TV and pull the trigger to change the channel. Remember your youth!
Only works for changing the channel. Other functions (power, volume, etc) must be controlled from the TV itself."

Futuregadget 01 01
Futuregadget 01 02

Future Gadget #2 'Bamboo-copter Camera' Alternative edition Ver.2.67Edit

a Three-winged Bamboo-copter with CCD camera installed. Inspired from fictional anime '22-emon'.
"Camera built into a toy propeller. A ground breaking device that combines traditional Japanese crafts and state-of-the-art technology to blur the line between past and future. Flies without any power source.

We are aware that the picture quality is compromised by the high rotation speed of the camera. Please do not complain about this."

Futuregadget 02 01
Futuregadget 02 02

Future Gadget #3 'Would it be, ORA ORA!?!?'Edit

A Lie detector. Inspired from fictional manga 'Juju's Delicate Adventure'.
"Detects lies based on the sweat on someone's thumb. Our ultimate invention, bringing together all the power and ingenuity of the laboratory. See through every lie and every conspiracy.

We cannot guarantee that it will successfully identify lies for naturally sweaty people."

Imai asami

Imai asami

Kurisu's VA Imai Asami tries Future Gadget #3

Future Gadget #4 'Moad Snake'Edit

A Super-instant humidifier in the shape of a Claymore mine. Also works as a smoke bomb. One of the few Future Gadgets to be used successfully. In several of the world lines where the Rounders attack Okabe and the other lab members inside the Future Gadget Laboratory, Okabe uses it to distract them long enough for him to time leap.
"Super-instant humidifier. Boils a large amount of water using heated electric coils, blowing out a huge amount of steam. Good for the dry season. Looks like a claymore mine, can be used as a prop.

This Future Gadget is only good for one use."

Inspired by fictional stealth game 'Metal Moad Solid; Rising'.

Futuregadget 04 01
Futuregadget 04 02

Future Gadget #5 'Once Again I've Connected Something Useless, by Goemon'Edit

A Hair drier which utilizes the waste heat of vacuum cleaner.
It uses too much electricity. Inspired from fictional anime 'Lupants the 3rd'.
"Eco-dryer that doesn't need electricity. Connects to a vacuum cleaner and uses the exhaust to function as a dryer. It's mad science, but it's clean science.

Dries using hot blowing air. Has no mechanism for regulating air flow."

Futuregadget05 01
Futuregadget05 02

Future Gadget #6 'Cyalume Saber'Edit

a Lightsaber-like glow stick. Fake blood is installed to enable realistic make-believe swordfighting. Okabe intended to fake Kurisu's death with this device, but the fake blood inside had solidified so it wasn't usable.

"Chemical type red cyalume. Hold it by the handle and use it like a sword. Fake blood launches out on a hit, making for a revolution in pretend sword fights.
Please use in a confined space, as blood can fly out in all directions, annoying people nearby."

Inspired from fictional film within the game 'Spark Wars' from Chaos;Head.

Futuregadget06 01
Futuregadget06 02

Future Gadget #7 'Active-Shell Optical Camouflage Ball'Edit

a Virtual Optical camouflage machine made of CCD cameras and twelve CRT TVs. A large space is required.

"Fake optical camouflage device. Uses 12 type-6 Braun Tubes arrayed in three dimensions, interspersed with miniature C-MOS cameras, to project on each side of the object a camera image from the opposite side. Within the intervening area, a blind spot is created, while the space behind it is still visible!
Very large. Only buy if you're sure you have space for it in your house. If you roll it, it may break."

Inspired from fictional manga 'Ghost in the Squad'.

Future Gadget #7 (in shelf), Future Gadget #8 (front) and X68000 PC (left)

Future Gadget #8 'Phone Microwave' (name subject to change)Edit

Also known as the Phonewave (name subject to change) in the official English release. The Phone Microwave (name subject to change) is a Remote-controllable Microwave oven. It heats your meals while you are out, but you need to put foodstuff in the microwave before you leave, which isn't very sanitary especially in summer. When exposed to an excess of electrons from an external source (such as the 42-inch Braun Tube TV) it can create Kerr black holes, allowing data and objects to travel back in time. However, anything other than data that goes through the black hole is 'gelified'. Additionally, only objects small enough to fit in the microwave can use it to physically travel back in time (such as bananas). Okabe uses it to send D-Mails back in time, although the mails have a word limit and generally arrive as multiple smaller mails. After Kurisu adds equipment to the microwave to allow one's memories to travel back in time, it is renamed the Time Leap Machine and is used several times by Okabe to go back in time and prevent Mayuri's death. After Mayuri is saved, this Future Gadget is disassembled and thrown away, due to the dangers of altering the timeline any further.
The original Japanese translation of this gadget's name was "Microwave Phone (temp)".

"A microwave that can be controlled remotely via cell phone. Have food ready for you by the time you get home!
Currently under development. Not yet for sale."

Futuregadget08 01
Futuregadget08 02

Future Gadget #204 2nd Edition Ver 2.31Edit

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