The Future Gadgets Lab website was created as part of the marketing campaign for the anime adaptation of Steins; Gate.

The website was written by Okabe Rintaro and Hashida Itaru, and is notably poorly constructed, resembling a 90's website. It is also worth noting that in terms of canon, this website would have been made shortly before the events of Steins; Gate. The website is also written in terrible English (a reference to Okabe and Daru's bad English) to the point where it's almost unreadable. A Japanese version of the site is also available.

Several pages are available, including a sparsely populated homepage, an 'About Lab' section (with short ramblings written by Okabe), a "Future Gadgets" section (Which contains descriptions and prices for the various future gadgets, although diagrams for several of the gadgets are only visible through the Japanese version of the site) and Phenix BBS section that acts like a chat room. There is also a link, but upon trying to open it a message will show, indicating that the URL cannot be found.

Future Gadgets Lab website: