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Geometric Space is an image song for the Epigraph Trilogy.

Artist: Kanako Ito

Composer: Toshimichi Isoe

Arranger: Toshimichi Isoe

Lyricist: Ikuko Ebata

It was first released on May 23, 2012, several months before the first light novel installment of the Epigraph Trilogy as part of the Nonlinear Geniac Steins;Gate PS3 edition opening theme album.[1][2][3]

Later it was rereleased as part of Kanako Ito's Raster album on February 26, 2014.[4]



Toki ga bokura o damasu
Kimi no shirushi wa kieta

Hate naku meguru Mandelbrot
Kakikaenagara sonosaki he to…
Why? Musakui ni tsumi torare ā kowasareta
Gate zetsubō no sakini shika kotae wa nai
Geometric space 

Michi ga bokura o maneku
Ai no sakebi ga kienai
Samayoi aruku calculation
Void no saki ni mieta mono wa…
Why? Fujōri ni torawarete ā erabenai
Game yokubō ni nagasarete mahi shite yuku
Geometric term
What? Muchitsujo ni misekaketa sō

Gauge furikitte kakenuketa kiseki ga ima
Yobi samasu yume
Owari no nai
Geometric space


時が 僕らを だます
キミの 徴(しるし)は 消えた

果てなく巡る Mandelbrot
書き換えながら その先へと…

Why? 無作為に つみ取られ ああ 壊された
Gate 絶望の 先にしか 答えは無い
Geometric space

ミチが 僕らを 招く
アイの 叫びが 消えない

彷徨い歩く calculation
Voidの先に 見えたものは…

Which? 不条理に 囚われて ああ 選べない
Game 欲望に 流されて 麻痺してゆく
Geometric term

What? 無秩序に 見せかけた そう フラクタル
Gauge 振り切って 駆け抜けた 軌跡が今 呼び醒ます夢
Geometric space


Time decieves us
As your presence fades away

The endlessly revolving Mandelbrot
Overwrites all that once was, pushing us onwards

Why? I pulled a thread at random, and it all fell apart
The Gate, the answer lingers in the depths of despair
Geometric space

We are led down this road
Where those longing screams still linger

Wandering around, lost in calculation
That which can be seen beyond the void...

Why? Trapped in absurdity, unable to decide
Game, my greed consumes me, and I gradually grow numb
Geometric term

What? I pretend to trigger the chaos; a fractal
Gauge, break through those restraints, for that path calls upon our dream
A limitless...
Geometric space

Translated by: Reading Steiner


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