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Kurisu Makise
Kurisu profile
Name in Japanese 牧瀬紅莉栖
Romaji Translation Makise Kurisu
Debut (Anime) Episode 01: Prologue of the Beginning and the End
Voice Actor (Japanese) Asami Imai
Voice Actor (English) Trina Nishimura
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 18 years old
Birthday July 25th, 1992
Blood Type A
Height 160 cm
Weight 45 kg
Vital Stats 79/56/83
Occupation University student
Affiliation/s Future Gadget Lab
Status Active

Kurisu Makise (牧瀬 紅莉栖 Makise Kurisu) is a genius girl who graduated from university at the age of seventeen. Her research on the brain's memory retention system has earned critical acclaim in the scientific community. She later joins the Future Gadget Lab as Member 004 after a series of encounters with Rintarou Okabe.


Kurisu Full profile

Kurisu full profile.

Kurisu is an eighteen-year-old female, with waist-length, reddish hair, and dull blue eyes; her hair ranges in ginger shades all the way from mahogany to auburn. She prefers to let her hair hang loose.

She has an unusual fashion statement, with her outfit being composed of a white long-sleeved blue-rimmed dress shirt. Her shirt is tucked into a pair of black shorts on top of black tights, held up by a white belt with a gold buckle. Her red tie hangs loosely around her collar, and she wears a loose khaki jacket that covers her upper thighs, and has black and white straps at the end of both sleeves and the rim which are used to keep the entire jacket on her arms. She also wears a pair of black boots which are partially unzipped and folded down.

Once "recruited" into the Future Gadgets laboratory, Okabe gave her Daru's white lab coats that he never uses and is often seen wearing one while in-lab. She is rather short, being 160 cm at age 18.


Unlike people of her age, Kurisu has shown a more mature attitude, usually calm and collected even when someone is acting tense in front of her. However, she can also show a much more timid side at times. She has been described as a tsundere by Rintarou Okabe and Itaru Hashida time and time again. She has proven to be greatly annoyed by Okabe's paranoid tendencies.

Her accomplishments in spite of her youth have exposed Kurisu to the jealousy of those who consider themselves her betters. As a result, she has adopted an acerbic attitude that functions to hide her vulnerabilities. At heart, Kurisu is a very curious girl who loves science and can't resist an interesting experiment. She occasionally makes statements - for example, that data collection should be considered before a subject's privacy - that have led Okarin to dub her a fellow mad scientist. Kurisu does not approve.

Though she's hesitant to admit it, she's a frequent user of the text board @Channel, donning the identity "KuriGohan and Kamehameha". Rintarou likes to trick her into admitting this habit, much to her chagrin. When posting on @channel her personality is noticeably different, as she often uses Netspeak or emoticons to communicate and her posts are generally much less mature than her usual dialogue.



The Death of Kurisu MakiseEdit

Makise Kurisu first meets Rintarou Okabe at the Akihabara Radio Hall, claiming to have bumped into him 15 minutes earlier. She is later found by Rintarou lying in a pool of blood, and Rintarou texts Itaru about it.

After everyone's memories apparently disappear, Rintarou meets her, apparently in perfect health, at a lecture. He touches her hair in an attempt to verify that she is actually alive, and they argue until Kurisu has to begin the lecture. At the beginning of the seminar, she claims that time machines are impossible, resulting in Rintarou challenging her claim, and she turns the lecture into a discussion.

John Titor and Futuristic Gadget #8Edit

To be added.

Quotes Edit

  • "I am a scientist, I have to act on my own theory. I can't let my emotions get in the way. But it's impossible to forget everything... because I've known you for longer than we've lived. This is reality. This is the world."
  • "People's feelings are memories that transcend time."
  • (After kissing Okabe) "There was a scientific rationale for that! Because... important memories, including, but not limited to, one's first kiss, are stored in the hippocampus, which makes them harder to forget.
  • “Time is passing so quickly. Right now, I feel like complaining to Einstein. Whether time is slow or fast depends on perception. Relativity theory is so romantic. And so sad."
  • "I've only lived 18 years, but I don't want to change any of them. They're all part of my life, even the failures."


  • Like many other anime girls (and some guys), Kurisu entered Saimoe Contests.
  • Kurisu is the Japanese pronunciation of the western name Chris. This is likely the origin of her nickname Christina.
  • Kurisu has two separate endings associated with her. While one focus on her relationship with Rintarou, only one of them will lead to the true outcome of the game. (Both Mayuri and Kurisu saved)
  • Okabe gives Kurisu several nicknames over the course of Steins;Gate, only calling her by her real name in serious situations. Kurisu's most frequent nicknames are "Assistant" or "Christina" (by adding '-tina' to 'Kurisu'), but Okabe also calls her "The Zombie", "Money Bags", "Celeb Seventeen" (sometimes shortened to "Celeb Sev"). Even though Kurisu seems to hate being nicknamed, she thinks it's hopeless to point that out to Okabe.
  • Kurisu is known by lab members and Okabe especially as a source of evil in the kitchen, as they despise Kurisu's many-a-times questionable cooking skills and taste palate.
  • In the light novels and drama CDs, Kurisu is shown to be upset about her small bust size, to the point where she will angrily yell at people if they even allude to it.
  • In the anime Robotics;Notes during episode 15, Kurisu's @channel handle "KURI_KAME KuriGohan and Kamehameha" is seen posting on "Twipo" on December 20th, 2019 at 10:05 am about the differences between and limitations of 2D and 3D.
  • Lab Member 004. She joined at episode 3. She is recruited by Okabe due to her curiosity of whether the Phone Microwave can be use as time machine.
  • Kurisu is also a secret playable character in (Phantom Breaker EXTRA), In order to unlock her you have to get 15+ stars in battle situation mode using Ende.

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