The Steins;Gate series is set in a universe where multiple events happen in a single time frame. This article lists down the events that happened over the course of the story of Steins;Gate, and will try to cover all known world lines across various forms of media.

Alpha Attractor FieldEdit



  • July 28, 2010: Okabe Rintarou moves to this world line from 1.130246β after sending his first D-mail.


  • August 3, 2010: Okabe Rintarou moves to this world line after sending the Lotto 6 D-mail.


  • August 15, 2010: Tennouji Nae, driven insane by the suicide of her father, time-leaps repeatedly from 2025 as a Rounder into her child-body of 2010 and kills Kiryuu Moeka. She slashes Okabe Rintarou and warns him that she has killed him in 2025.


0.456923α (Linear Bound Phenogram) Edit

  • August 15th, 2010: Ruka's third jump. She agrees with Mayuri to cosplay at Comiket. Ruka for a small bit believes that maybe she had changed the past, however, Mayuri still dies.
  • August 16th, 2010: Ruka's second jump to the past. She immediately heads to the future gadget lab but is in dismay to see a brokenhearted Okabe. Before not knowing what to do Kurisu enters. Ruka explains a second time and jumps to the 15th.
  • August 18th, 2010 (1): Ruka's first Jump to the past. As she reaches the lab she bumps into Kurisu. Ruka explains the circumstances and gets help to leap to the 16th.
  • August 18th, 2010 (2): Ruka's second time to the 18th. She meets Kurisu in front of the lab and explains her wishes. She decides to send a d-mail to change back to a boy. She is stopped. Okabe followed her and explains the situation. Ruka convinces Okabe that she is okay with it. Ruka undoes her own D-mail. Okabe eventually arrives at 1.049326% near Steins;Gate.
  • August 20th, 2010 (1): Urushibara Ruka Is feeling guilty and struggling to terms with remaining female over Mayuri's death. Ruka decides to share Okabe's burden by also time leaping to the past to grant Mayuri's wish.
  • August 20th, 2010 (2): Since the second time spending the last few days, Ruka begins to doubt whether she granted Mayuri's wish or not. As time converges, she meets the Okabe who did not know about her cosplaying at Comiket. She debates on whether or not to show the picture. When asked by Okabe did she succeed in granting Mayuri's wish, she lies and says she failed on the 18th. She then begs to time leap one more time to the 18th.

0.456914α Edit

  • January, 1993: Urushibara Ruka's mother receives D-mail to her pager.
  • August 30, 1993: Urushibara Ruka is born female.
  • April 3, 2000: Akiha Yukitaka dies in a plane accident.
  • January 4, 2009: Urushibara Ruka cleans the shrine's storehouse and accidently breaks the IBN5100, which she hides in a coin locker.
  • August 14, 2010: Okabe Rintarou arrives from 0.409431% after undoing Faris Nyannyan's D-mail.
  • August 15, 2010: Okabe Rintarou moves to 0.523307% after undoing Urushibara Ruka's D-mail. Otherwise, Shiina Mayuri dies in an accident.
  • Unspecified future date: Okabe Rintarou and Urushibara Ruka have a child together.


  • August 6, 2010: Due to a message sent by Ruka Urushibara to her mother via pager, Ruka's gender changes from male to female.



  • After August 6, 2010: Due to Feiris' D-mail 10 years into the past, Yukitaka Akiha lives, changing Akihabara from a mecca for otaku and moe culture into an electronics hub.
  • The otaku mecca is instead located in Nakano.
  • The IBN 5100 is not sent into a Shinto shrine.


  • 1975: Kayano attacks Amane Suzuha upon her arrival and throws her off the Radio Kaikan building.
  • August 3, 2010: Kiryuu Moeka sneaks into the Yanabayashi shrine grounds under the cover of dark to search for the IBN5100, but retreats after encountering Amane Suzuha.
  • August 12, 2010: Amane Suzuha is attacked by Rounders and meets and fights off Kayano.
  • August 13, 2010: Kayano kidnaps Tennouji Nae in order to lure Amane Suzuha.

0.334581α Edit

  • 2005: SERN's fourth Z-Program Experiment concludes, but human experimentation continues.
  • 2011: SERN continues with human experimentation and forces Makise Kurisu to watch.
  • December 29, 2011: Okabe and Daru are kept under Rounder observation after being freed and sent back to Japan in order to not disturb the world line convergence.

0.337337α (Linear Bound Phenogram) Edit

  • From the point of view of Suzuha.
  • This world line diverges a lot from the circumstances on how Suzuha fixes the time machine and how she discovers that Daru is her father.
  • Suzuha is hesitating over her priorities between her mission and friendship resulting in seeing two ghosting figments of herself from the Beta and an unknown peaceful world line. Thus they refer to each other as Alpha, Beta and Omega.
  • Omega version of Suzuha is a spoiled kid living a peaceful life with no knowledge of time travel. The world line where Omega Suzuha came from is unclear. The name Omega given to her might imply that she is from Omega Attractor Field; however, since this name was pick randomly between Greek alphabet such as Gamma and Omega, this name may or may not have any significant meaning. Thus she could be from any peaceful world line. At the end of the story, Alpha Suzuha said to Omega that herself and Beta Suzuha are fighting hard so they can reach you which heavily imply Omega Suzuha had came from "The Steins Gate" world line which is where the True End of the main plot occurs.
  • Suzuha learns early on that Daru is her father due to Omega revealing it to her. Before going to 1975, Suzuha decides to spend some time with her dad Daru.

0.337199α (Linear Bound Phenogram) Edit

  • August 10th, 2011 to August 11, 2011: Okabe become Alcapaman to solve many cases in Akibahara, with the help of "Mayuri". He settles cases to try to make sure Nae gets a game.
  • August 11th to 13th, 2011: Makise Kurisu returns from SERN. She has been working there for a year now. We find out that Okabe has been in denial for a year over Mayuri's death.
  • Okabe and Daru are freed early but are kept under observation by only Tennouji Yuugo and Kiryuu Moeka. (I don't know why he's back in Japan early and under little observation. He should have been released in December 2011 unless its a typo and he was released in December 2010)
  • Suzuha's time machine was confiscated, thus trapping Suzuha in 2010/2011. (This is a paradox I know. She should have been in 1975, but we have no clue what goes on in this world line).
  • Kurisu give Okabe an upgrade to the time leap machine. Her last resort to saving Mayuri. Okabe time leaps to a year ago to prevent Mayuri's death.

0.328403α (Linear Bound Phenogram) Edit

  • From the point of Kurisu. Okabe is in distraught and broken mentally from the multiple time-leaps and failures to save Mayuri.
  • In this world line the one to find Okabe at the bridge is Faris and her butler Kuroki, not Kurisu.
  • Kurisu ends up getting advice from Yukata (Faris's father) and also manages to talk to her own father, Makise Souichi. After getting advice from multiple people, Kurisu resolves to time leap to save Okabe mentally and give him advice. At this point, this is the event where it ties into the original game.

0.000000α Edit

  • Between 2033 and 2036: Kayano joins the Rounders and undergoes human experimentation in order to fortify her body.
  • 2036
    • SERN researchers develop a theory on the means to transfer information to oneself across world lines similiar to Okabe Rintarou's "Reading Steiner".
    • September 27: The Committee of 300, using SERN's time machine to travel back in time, practically annihilates the Valkyrie resistance group during their assassination attempt upon the Rounder commander Libron. Kayano kills Kiyotaka.
    • September to October: Kayano kills Amane Yuki.
    • September to October: Rounders attack the Valkyrie remnant during "Operation Brynhildr". Kayano attacks Amane Suzuha , injures Mikoshiba Rei and Katsuragi Shinjirou, and damages the FG204.
    • October to November: Kayano and Rounders attack and completely wipe out remaining members of the Valkyrie resistance group. Kayano uses SERN's time-machine to pursue Amane Suzuha to 2010.

Beta Attractor FieldEdit


1.130238β Edit

  • This is one of the possible divergences Okabe Rintarou reached when he had erased his first D-mail data from SERN's database.
  • Shiina Mayuri becomes Okabe Rintarou's lover.

1.130205β Edit

  • This is one of the possible divergences Okabe Rintarou reached when he had erased his first D-mail data from SERN's database.
  • August 21, 2010: Amane Suzuha, who time-travelled from 2036, meets Okabe Rintarou in 2010 to carry out the future Okabe Rintarou's plan in order to stop World War III.
  • 2025: Okabe Rintarou sends two D-mails to himself in 2010. One is a plain text message that says "Watch TV"; another one is a video D-mail that explains his plan of how to save Makise Kurisu and enter the Steins;Gate.
  • 1.129848β The Arc of Light of Infinity Drama Cd
  • 1.130212β The Arc of Light of Infinity Drama Cd
  • 1.130211β The Arc of Light of Infinity Drama Cd
  • 1.130209β The Arc of Light of Infinity Drama Cd
  • 1.130208β The Arc of Light of Infinity Drama Cd
  • 1.130206β The Arc of Light of Infinity Drama Cd
  • 1.130205β The Arc of Light of Infinity Drama Cd

1.048728 [Heni Kuukan no Octet / Variant Space Octet] Edit

  • Around a month after the time machine disappearance in Steins;Gate worldline, Okabe is struck with the familiar vertigo, Reading Steiner, and after the vertigo disappears, he gets a D-Mail from 2025 Okabe Rintarou that explains this worldline is in dangerous future which is worse than Dystopia or World War III. His mission is to retrieve an IBN 5100 from a person known as Neidthardt.

1.048596β (the Steins Gate)Edit

  • This world line is where the True end of the main plot occur. This world line lie in between alpha and beta attractor field thus it converge to neither of both.
  • Between 2009 and 2019: SERN succeeds in constructing a small-scale LHC and develops a black hole bomb.

The "R" lineEdit

  • An unstable world line that is described as not really being separate from the Steins Gate world line but being in a layered or entwined state with it and having a divergence difference of 0.000001%. It is an inactive world line where Mayuri and Kurisu both survive and Okabe disappears to when his overloaded Reading Steiner forcibly time leaps him out of the Steins Gate line. Further events in this world line are unknown.
  • In the anime this world almost has a limbo like state where Okabe is the only one who exists. People appearing in this world may signify Okabe's return to an active world line.


  • Events of the Robotics;Notes Legacy Revival manga.

1.049326β (World line in between attractor fields?[Linear Bound Phenogram]) Edit

  • World line Okabe arrives at after going through all the events to save Mayuri after spending 3 extra days in the Alpha attractor field and Ruka undoing her own D-mail. Stability of this world line is unknown. (Technically this world line should be impossible)

Gamma Attractor FieldEdit


  • 2000: The Y2K crash occurred successfully due to a SERN researcher discovering one of Okabe's D-mails.
  • 2010: Okabe Rintarou is active as a Rounder, codename: M3. He and Kiryuu Moeka kill agents from Europol who had been investigating them.
  • By 2036Okabe Rintarou has joined the leading ranks of the Illuminati of the Committee of 300. He rules as the dictator of Japan under the name Hououin Kyouma.

Delta Attractor FieldEdit

3.019430δ (Linear Bound Phenogram) Edit

  • World line from Linear Bound Phenogram
  • Daru meets Amane Yuki for the first time. Discovers that she's gotten into trouble.
  • Daru tries to solve code but gets involved in Rounder plot.
  • Amane Suzuha exists as a time-traveler in this world line but it is implied that it is unclear if her father is Daru or a different person. (Existence unstable?)
  • The Rounders have been reduced to a terrorist organization. It is not stated if they are a part of SERN. Moeka is part of the Rounders.

3.030493δ (Linear Bound Phenogram) Edit

  • Suzuha exists in this world line.
  • Suzuha's time machine is stuck in the wall of the Radio Kaikan Building, much like in the Alpha world line, implying that the the numbers closer to 3% exactly and below may have a not so peaceful future.
  • Faris and Suzuha dress up as super heroes to uncover the truth about the urban legends of Akibahara.

3.182879δ (Darling of Loving Vows: Faris Route) Edit

  • Okabe works as a part-time waiter to pay for the expenses of the Lab.
  • Faris is worried because the MayQueen Nyan Nyan is being threaten to be bought out by 4℃.
  • The lab members decide to work part time at the lab to help save the customers of the MayQueen Nyan Nyan.
  • Suzuha exists in this world line.

3.130238δ (Darling of Loving Vows: Mayuri Route) Edit

  • Okabe begins to notice Mayuri more as a girl and begins to struggle to find a meaning to his relationship with Mayuri.
  • Both Okabe and Mayuri take modeling jobs.
  • Okabe ends up proposing to Mayuri.

3.372329δ (Darling of Loving Vows: Suzuha Route) Edit

  • Suzuha has come to 2010 to witness her Mom and Dad's meeting.
  • Daru accidentally falls in love with Suzuha from a misunderstanding. Suzuha and Okabe try to find Amane Yuki and set the world line straight.
  • Suzuha at the end pulls Okabe in to the future. It seems they are dating in the future.

3.386019δ (Linear Bound Phenogram) Edit

  • Takes place through the eyes of Tennouji Yuugo.
  • Yuugo wins lottery and decides to use the money to try to make the perfect home for Nae.
  • 18 year old Suzuha DOES NOT EXIST in this world line. However we get to see a glimpse of Suzuha as in infant in 2020?

3.406288δ (Darling of Loving Vows: Kurisu Route) Edit

  • Divergence world line from ???? alpha world line when Okabe was messing around with experiments.
  • Beginning of Game.
  • Is the world line from Hiyoku Renri no Darling game.
  • All the girls are members of the Future Gadget Lab.
  • Moeka does not work for SERN in this world line.
  • Suzuha exists in this world line.
  • The Future Gadget Lab does not advance the development the Time-Leap machine and continues their work on smaller-scale inventions instead.
  • Okabe and Kurisu get bound together with Gadget #13 Darling You Idiot. They fail to send a d-mail in time.
  • Okabe and Kurisu spend a week together due to being bound from Gadget #13.

3.600104δ (Darling of Loving Vows: Moeka Route) Edit

  • Moeka does not work for SERN in this world line.
  • Suzuha exists in this world line.
  • Tennouji Yuugo asks Okabe to get along well with Moeka since she is introverted.
  • Okabe finds out that Moeka is a novelist.

3.667293δ (Darling of Loving Vows: Ruka Route) Edit

  • Okabe finds out he is dating Rukako. (Note Rukako is male in this world line)
  • Okabe sees illusions of a dragon and he and Rukako decide to deal with it.
  • Suzuha exists in this world line.
  • Moeka does not work for SERN in this world line.

3.406288δ, 3.372329δ, 3.386019δ, 3.600104δ, 3.667293δ Edit

  • Moeka does not work for SERN in these world lines. It is unknown if this is true for 3.386019δ.
  • Okabe works as a part-time waiter to pay for the expenses of the Lab.

Omega Attractor FieldEdit


  • Okabe has no Future Gadget Lab, and is friends with Faris only. He is a regular player of Rai-Net Access Battlers instead.
  • Due to the non-existence of the Future Gadget Lab, SERN will not complete their time machine. However, the presence of the Divergence Clock suggests that time travel technology may emerge elsewhere.


  • Mayuri moves to Kamata after her grandmother dies. And when she moves back to Akiba, she can't remember Okabe at all.
  • If world line -.275349 shares some similar things with this world line, it could explain why Okabe is a stranger to Mayuri.

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