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Episode 03: Protocol of the Two-sided Gospel: X-Day ProtocolEpisode 04: Interpreter RendezvousEpisode 04: Solitude of the Mournful Flow: A Stray Sheep
Episode 05: Solitude of the Astigmatism: Entangled SheepEpisode 05: Starmine RendezvousEpisode 06: Butterfly Effect's Divergence
Episode 06: Eclipse of Orbital Ordering: The Orbital EclipseEpisode 07: Divergence SingularityEpisode 07: Eclipse of Vibronic Transition: Vibronic Transition
Episode 08: Chaos Theory Homeostasis IEpisode 08: Dual of Antinomy: Antinomic DualEpisode 09: Chaos Theory Homeostasis II
Episode 09: Pandora of Eternal Return: Pandora's BoxEpisode 10: Chaos Theory Homeostasis IIIEpisode 10: Pandora of Provable Existence: Forbidden Cubicle
Episode 11: Dogma in Event HorizonEpisode 11: Pandora of Forgotten Existence: Sealed ReliquaryEpisode 12: Dogma in Ergosphere
Episode 12: Mother Goose of Mutual Recursion: Recursive Mother GooseEpisode 13: Metaphysics NecrosisEpisode 13: Mother Goose of Diffractive Recitativo: Diffraction Mother Goose
Episode 14: Physically NecrosisEpisode 14: Recognition of Elastic Limit: Presage or RecognizeEpisode 15: Missing Link Necrosis
Episode 15: Recognition of Asymptotic Line: Recognize AsymptoteEpisode 16: Altair of the Point at Infinity: Vega & AltairEpisode 16: Sacrificial Necrosis
Episode 17: Altair of the Hyperbolic Plane: Beltrami PseudosphereEpisode 17: Made in ComplexEpisode 18: Altair of the Translational Symmetry: Translational Symmetry
Episode 18: Fractal AndrogynousEpisode 19: Endless ApoptosisEpisode 20: Finalize Apoptosis
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