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Who is John Titor?Edit

One of the major bases of the main story of Steins;Gate is the existence of a certain John Titor, a mysterious character who has exposed to the world various pieces of information he has gathered from the year 2036. He became famous in the year 2000, where he posted his "experiences" in an online forum.

In Steins;Gate, John Titor works against an organization called SERN which has created a dystopia; he travels into the past to attempt to undo

World LinesEdit

According to physics, a world line is a certain trajectory of an object as it travels through 4-dimensional spacetime. It is also the term used to generally describe the flow of course of events over time.


"Lifters" - Triangle shape elevation devices - supposedly an ion-drive - seen briefly in episode 3 or 4 - do exist.