Maho Hiyajo
Maho Hiyajo profile
Name in Japanese 比屋定真帆
Romaji Translation Hiyajo Maho
Debut (Anime) SG0 OVA: Episode 23(β) Open the Missing Link (cameo)
Voice Actor (Japanese) Sayuri Yahagi
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 21
Birthday 2nd November
Height 140cm

Maho Hiyajo (比屋定真帆 Hiyajo Maho?) is Makise Kurisu's senior university associate at the Institute of Neuroscience at Victor Chondria University in the United States. She works as a research assistant to Professor Alexis Leskinen and specializes in neuroscience and artificial intelligence.

A feisty young woman, due to her extremely short stature, she is often mistaken for a grade/primary schooler despite being in her twenties.

As a character she appears in Steins;Gate - Epigraph of the Closed Curve, Steins;Gate - Pandora of Eternal Return, Steins;Gate - Altair at the Apoapsis of Infinity and the drama CDs Epitaxy of the Projected Curved Surface, Pandemia of Artificial Machinery, and Arpeggio of Time Rotation. She is a main character in Steins;Gate 0 visual novel and the anime version of the visual novel.

Personality Edit

She is aware but is often annoyed every time other people mistakes her as a child, unaware of her true age and occupation. In Steins;Gate 0, Based from her interactions with Amadeus Kurisu, she often have quarrels with the real Kurisu although deep inside she holds great respect towards her colleague.

She also develop a deep platonic bond with Rintarou Okabe as well as developing connections with the rest of the Future Gadget Lab members including Moeka Kiryu.



Hiyajou Maho in full length

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