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"Just read the date of birth already."
Maho Hiyajou
Voice (JP): 矢作紗友里 Yahagi Sayuri
Voice (EN): N/A
Age: 21 Birthday: January..., 1989 Blood Type: N/A
Height: Below 140cm Weight: N/A Vital Stats: N/A
Hiyajou Maho is Makise Kurisu's senior university associate at the Institute of Neuroscience at Victor Chondria University in the United States. She works as a research assistant to Professor Alexis Leskinen and specializes in neuroscience and artificial intelligence.

A feisty young woman, due to her extremely short stature, she is often mistaken for a grade/primary schooler despite being in her twenties.

As a character she appears in Steins;Gate - Epigraph of the Closed Curve, Steins;Gate - Pandora of Eternal Return, Steins;Gate - Altair at the Apoapsis of Infinity and the drama CDs Epitaxy of the Projected Curved Surface, Pandemia of Artificial Machinery, and Arpeggio of Time Rotation. She will be a main character in the upcoming visual novel and anime Steins;Gate 0.



Hiyajou Maho in full length

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