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"Welcome home, Myaster!"

May Queen Nyan-Nyan is the maid cafe that Faris Nyannyan and Mayuri Shiina work part-time in. Though it seemed that Faris only works there as an employee, her influence over it is much larger, as when Faris sends her D-mail to prevent her father's death, she also does not "bring moe culture to Akihabara", according to Rintarou, thus never bringing the cafe into existence and the place turned into a simple ramen shop.

The maid uniforms consists of a maid headband with ribbons and two long cat ears attached to it. The maid outfit is a plain black short-sleeved dress with lace and an apron over it. There is also a black vest over the apron that has a greyish belt around it. The uniform also has red detail and red ribbons on it.

It is later revealed that Faris owns the place. She apparently set it up to "busy herself with moe", so that she can overcome the grief of the death of her father.


Faris' concept art showing the uniform of Mayqueen Nyan-Nyan and its interior below.

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