Egoistic Poriomania
Steins Gate - 25 - Large 26
Name in Japanese シュタインズ ゲート 横行跋扈のポリオマニア
Romaji Translation Oukoubakko no Poriomania
Release Date February 22, 2012
Production Staff
Screenplay Jukki Hanada
Storyboard Tomoki Kobayashi
Episode Director Tomoki Kobayashi
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Egoistic Poriomania (シュタインズ ゲート 横行跋扈のポリオマニア, Oukoubakko no Poriomania) is the OVA of the anime adaptation of the visual novel Steins;Gate. This is a special episode that is included in the last of the nine Blu-ray/DVD volumes released in Japan.

The setting is a few months after the end of the anime series. On a calm day in Akihabara, Okabe and the other laboratory members are invited by Faris to go to America.


Okabe is shown walking in the middle of a road in the middle of the desert, thinking his time is up. He begins talking to himself on the phone again, and "learns" that his current plight is the choice of Steins Gate. He then decides to continue wandering around.

Two Weeks Earlier

Okabe and Mayuri are in the lab when Daru comes in wearing a Luffy Hat and a Hawaiian shirt. Okabe nearly thinks he wants to join the Yakuza or a safari, but instead is reminded that the three of them, along with Ruka, have been invited by Faris to watch her in a Rai-Net competition in Los Angeles, and Daru is only dressing for the occasion. Mayuri then gets a text from Kurisu, saying that she will be able to visit them, but also says that they only should bring Okabe if they have to.

October 14th, 2010: 10:24 AM

The four briefly visit Mr. Braun, Nae, and Moeka. Nae asks for a gift, and when Mayuri asks if Moeka wants one, she rapidly sends Okabe a text telling him not to get any macadamia nuts (which are actually native to Australia) and then, blushing, asks verbally for some chocolate. Kurisu is then seen watching their plane, and when the group gets to check in, the passport official asks for reason of visit. Not getting the question, Okabe declares himself a mad scientist, but this causes the police to deem him mental and promptly handcuff him and take him away. After he manages to get out, Okabe goes to the entrance where he finds Kurisu. Speechless at seeing her again, Okabe forgets to say hello, then rides it off by saying he thought she was a spy after getting reminded. This causes Kurisu to briefly mention Leroy Jenkins. She then tells everyone to get in the car, but after Okabe asks for a taxi instead, Kurisu drives off. This forces Okabe to actually get a taxi, although he tries to make Kurisu sympathize by making it look like he ran the whole way, only for her to catch on. Faris then arrives and questions Okabe on why he cancelled the hotel reservation she made for them, and he goes on a rant over how the Organization' Seven Philosophers might find their location, to which she plays along. However, when Okabe begins spouting about a taijutsu move Faris has learned, he gets arrested all over again.

Okabe, Mayuri, and Daru then come to Kurisu's apartment, where they quickly begin making themselves at home in all the ways Kurisu does not want them to. Later, Okabe starts watching the weather, and asks how life has been for Kurisu. He learns that Kurisu has decided to leave the discoveries on time travel and details on the other world lines to him, then that she claims she has no memories of the other world lines beyond the Steins Gate one; however, when Okabe asks if she has any more "substantial" memories, she blushes and tries to ride it off. After that, Kurisu manages to get the four a motel reservation, but discover the place to be extremely ragged. Okabe and Ruka promptly refuse, afraid that Norman Bates from the movie Psycho will commit a shower scene on them, but Kurisu says she has no choice. They then begin making arrangements for bunking, but things get jumbled (with Kurisu even thinking that Mayuri has slept with Okabe before, and then with Ruka getting his feelings for Okabe mixed up again), and in the end, Okabe is forced to sleep in the same bed with Daru, Mayuri is with Ruka (which Daru finds "yuri-licious") and Kurisu is by herself. As Okabe and Daru eventually get on each other's nerves, they do Rock Paper Scissors to see who should sleep in the car. Okabe loses, but when he leaves the room he finds Kurisu outside. After a few awkward moments of silence, Okabe glances at Kurisu and starts to head for the car, when Kurisu asks him to come inside to discuss something.

After Kurisu gives him a diet soda, Okabe asks if she wants him to look over her work. Instead, Kurisu asks about the other world lines, as like with Mayuri, she is starting to experience memory dreams, apparently having not awakened all of the memories. Okabe says that they are from other world lines, and Kurisu asks about one particular dream. Okabe offers to help her with it, but because the memory is the one of them kissing, Kurisu becomes flustered and throws a soda can at him, knocking him out. This ends up partially waking up Mayuri, who comments on the relationship before passing out again.

October 15th, 2010: 11:16 AM

At Staples Center the next day, Faris manages to score big at the Rai-Net tournament while Daru cheers her on, and Mayuri manages to get Ruka in female cosplay again, to his embarrassment. Outside in the cafe, Okabe sits at a table when the waitress - Kurisu - reluctantly brings him his food, having been forced to become one temporarily to pay for their airfare. This results in another argument, during which Okabe says he's glad that Kurisu seems to have improved from last night, and then says that the memories from those world lines are best left untouched. Kurisu leaves after saying that none of the events from the other world lines are real, but appears to have a sullen face.

October 15th, 2010: 12:42 PM

Okabe goes outside to have another soda, when he sees a young girl get into a car, and quickly sees that she resembles Suzuha in both her looks and voice. Thinking it's actually her, he follows her in a taxi (driven by the badge salesman), wondering if there is actually time travel in this world line. This horrifies the group, as he leaves no message behind and even leaves his meal untouched, prompting Kurisu to look for him. Okabe manages to catch up to the girl at a bar, where he discovers she is actually someone entirely different who is taking a tour of the country and heading to Las Vegas. Okabe then decides to admit that he will she the person the girl resembles in seven years, which causes the girl to mention that a psychic once told her that she would get married and have a daughter in seven years. Realizing that the girl is Daru's future wife and, to that end, Suzuha's future mother, Okabe smiles contently. After he sees the girl off, he thinks about Suzuha a bit before realizing that, with only 67 cents and no charge in his phone, he's practically stuck.

With no other choice, Okabe has to walk back. He continues to walk into the evening, but after thinking about Kurisu, he begins sprinting back, only to fall face first on the pavement. Thinking he is about to die, Okabe mentions regretting that he never told Kurisu about their previous romance, only for Kurisu to find him right then and there. After initially thinking it's a mirage, he discovers that Kurisu was worried about him, and left in such a hurry that she didn't fill up the gas tank, leaving the car out of gas and both of them trapped in the desert. Okabe explains why he came out there, which leaves Kurisu a bit relieved because she thought he left out of disgust with her comment about how none of the other events happened to her. She then begins questioning about her dream memories, and asks why the one she didn't talk about feels more real than her actual memories. Okabe, deducing what it was, says it was real, then proceeds to confess his love again and ask how she feels. Unlike her counterpart, Kurisu says that she doesn't know what she feels about Okabe because she has no Reading Steiner. Okabe decides to elaborate by saying that, while the alternate world lines are real for him and she was always his constant, he just wants to know what she feels in the current world line. And standing up, Kurisu asks Okabe to close his eyes as with the other world line, finally completing the choice of Steins;Gate...