The world of Steins;Gate contains many references to real world subjects or people.  This page contains all references found in both the game and the anime series.

List of referencesEdit

  • John Titor was the username of a real-life blogger who posted on various threads and pages in 2000, claiming to be a time traveller from 2036 trying to travel back to 1975 to find an IBM5100 personal computer. The real-life Titor also made various predictions of future events, however most of them did not actually happen.
  • In March 2008, former nuclear safety officer Walter Wagner and Luis Sancho spearheaded a lawsuit that claim the LHC could potentially destroy the world, one of their concern is LHC will create micro black holes which will destroy the world. However in July 2008, CERN release the LSAG safety report which denied the LHC could create micro black hole by saying cosmic rays which are much stronger than LHC beams had bombarded the earth millions of times for millions of years but no sign of micro black holes created.
IBM 5100 - MfK Bern

The real life IBM 5100.

  • The IBN 5100 is an almost direct parody of the real-world IBM 5100 (both in name and appearance) produced by IBM in 1975 and discontinued in 1978. Like depicted in Steins;Gate, the real IBM 5100 supports APL and BASIC programming and offered 3 problem solving libraries.
  • The organization SERN was most likely based off of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, a.k.a CERN.
  • The past-altering D-mail is shortened from "Delorean Mail". Delorean is the name of the time-travelling car from the Back to the Future series. The series is mentioned by Kurisu Makise and Itaru Hashida in the game.
  • The Upa toy series is based on the fictional RaiNet Access-Battlers game, which later receives a (fictional) anime series. RaiNet Access-Battlers features elements from Pokemon, Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh! in general and the main character of the RaiNet anime was an Upa called Kakeru-kun, who were based on a "mouse-like electrical creature" (a.k.a. Pikachu).
    • The RaiNet game heavily resembles the playstyle from Yu-Gi-Oh! and Duel Masters.
  • @channel was based on the real-life 2channel.
  • The CRT Store and Yuugo Tennouji's nickname of Mr. Braun is a direct reference to the real-world inventor of Cathode Ray Tubes, German Physicist Ferdinand Braun.
  • The Future Gadgets drew inspirations from fictional anime series, which are in turn parodies of real-world anime series:
    • FG#1: "Bit Particle Cannon" - was inspired by the series "Mobile Brave Gunbam", which is a parody of "Mobile Suit Gundam".
    • FG#2: "Bamboo-copter Camera' Alternative edition Ver.2.67" - was inspired by the anime "22-emon, which is a parody of "Doraemon".
    • FG#4: "Moad Snake" - was inspired by the by fictional stealth game "Metal Moar Solid; Rising", which is a nod to the then-introduced Metal Gear Solid: Rising.
    • FG#5: "Once Again I've Connected Something Useless, by Goemon" - was inspired by "Lupants the 3rd", which is a parody of "Lupin the 3rd".
      • The name of the gadget is a reference to Goemon in Lupin, who was supposedly a great swordsman and could cut everything with his sword, except jelly. He would usually say "Once again, I've cut something useless".
    • FG#6: "Cyalume Saber" - was inspired by the "Spark Wars" game from Chaos;Head, which is a parody of Star Wars.
    • FG#7: "Active-Shell Optical Camouflage Ball" - influenced by the fictional manga "Ghost in the Squad", which is parodied from "Ghost in the Shell".
  • Various Nordic mythological terms were used as "operation names" by Rintarou Okabe.
  • The video streaming website featured in Steins;Gate is called MewTube, a parody of the real-world YouTube.
  • In episode 18 of the anime, when Kurisu brings Rintarou some new clothes for his date, the bags she brings back are from UNIQLO, a real clothing chain that has many stores around the world.
  • In the anime, Rintarou used a search engine website called Goodle, a parody of Google.
  • Rintarou's favorite drink, Dk Pepper, is a parody of Dr Pepper.
  • The salty snack Prangles.