The sequel to Steins;Gate , Robotics;Notes takes place in 2019, at Tanegashima high school, and follows Kaito Yashio, an avid fan of Fighting Games who is ranked fifth in the online game Kill-Ballad. Along with Akiho Senomiya, he is a member of his school's robotics club. The club, originally started by Misaki (Ahiko's older sister), was formed to complete a working robot copy of the popular anime character Mecha Gunvarrel. However, keeping the robotics club afloat is not easy. Kaito and Akiho are the only members and Akiho makes extraordinary budget demands to the school. Thus, the vice-principal offers them a condition: they must win the Robo-One tournament to obtain the desired budget.

Amidst their efforts to create a working Humongous Mecha for an upcoming expo, Kaito comes across Subaru Hidaka, a younger high school student who has his own fascination in mecha, Frau Kojiro, the Hikikomori genius programmer of Kill Ballad, Junna Daikoku, the granddaughter of the local robotic parts shop who's ironically nervous around robots, Nae Tennoji the young engineer of JAXA who provides funds for the club, and a human-like AI named Airi, who leads him to the mysterious Kimijima Reports that detail how and why a world-altering disaster may be on its way...

Relation to Steins;GateEdit

Robotics;Notes shares setting with its two predecessors: Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head. Several Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head characters reappear, and the show has multiple references to the two.

  • According to the first episode, Robotics;Notes takes place in the 1.048596% divergence"The Steins Gate".
  • Episode 8 shows the return of Nae Tennouji, now working for JAXA . She is also in the possession of Suzuha Amane's bicycle.
  • Episode 9 shows that Kai is seen browsing posts made by DaSH and KuriGohanandKamehameha, who are Daru and Kurisu, respectively.
  • According to Frau Kojirou in episode 11, hacking into IROU is as impossible as hacking into SERN and stealing their files.
  • Episode 15 shows Kai looking at a post from "Kuri_Kame" (Kurisu Makise) describing a 2D;3D barrier, shortly after the intro.
  • Episode 19 has multiple references to Steins;Gate, such as Nae's codename being "S_Braun", and SERN providing black hole warheads to the Committee of 300.
  • Episode 22 ends with the death of the main antagonist. His death is carried out by an AR Missile, officially named "ARmissile Final EDITION ver. 2.15", hinting that Daru may have been the one to develop the virtual weapon.

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