Cover of Steins;Gate: Phenogram of Linear Restraint

Steins;Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram/Phenogram of Linear Restraint
(STEINS;GATE 線形拘束のフェノグラム Senkei Kousoku no Phenogram?) a visual novel released on April 25, 2013 containing a mixture of scenarios set during and after the original visual novel's story-line, but in different world lines.

"The title is an apparent reference to 'linear bounded automaton', a limited form of the Turing Machine concept in computer science."[1]

Story 1: Dr. Jekyll on lines (Okabe)Edit

Takes place in α0.337199%. Depicts Okabe playing Alpacaman, trying to help people around him with time leap machine and D-Mail the time after Mayuri's death. By playing the role of Alpacaman, Okabe was able to meet Mayuri again, that is however, just delusions. Everyone was aware with Okabe's odd behavior - constantly asking where Mayuri is and reluctant to accept Mayuri's death as a fact. Exactly a year passed since Mayuri's death, Kurisu who was working with SERN on time machine visited the lab and asked if Okabe wanted to assist her with SERN. After thinking hard and staring at the stars on the roof of Radio Kaikan, Okabe decided to time leap back to save Mayuri. The Alpacaman suit that he sewed himself was burnt on the roof after he bid his last farewell to Mayuri.

The alpaca game that Okabe played plays a huge role in this story.


Story 2: Bird Singing in Cage (Daru)Edit

Takes place in δ3.019430%. Depicts how Daru met his future wife, Yuki Amane on Comima by accident. Yuki was cosplaying Chopstick girl, she was mistaken as Moeka by a rounder who was pass Moeka their terrorist plan on a note. After they realized their mistakes, the rounders imprisoned Yuki on an abandoned underground train station. Yuki posted a set of weird codes that the rounder has on their notes on @channel, hoping someone would come to save her. Daru gave up on cracking the code and then he decided to backtrack her phone with the @channel info. He found that she was kidnapped when Yuki's phone led him to Radio Kaikan and the phone was on rounders' possession instead.

Suzuha saved him and told him that him and Yuki were her parents. They cannot use the Telephone Microwave to save her as the 42'' CRT was malfunctioned. Daru managed to crack the code, which turned out to be numbers on sewer covers. Suzuha went to send the CRT to service center with Tennouji Yuugo while Daru, Okabe and Kurisu start searching for the particular sewer. He entered the sewer which led him to the underground train station to look for Yuki alone after asking Moeka, who appeared to be there to report to the police. Moeka handcuffed Daru after he located Yuki and she put the bombs in the underground station in countdown. After decided not to frighten Yuki by telling her that there are bombs right next to them, he turned down all the help offers from police and Okabe as the timer is less than 10 mins left. With less than 5 mins left, Suzuha contacted Daru and asked Daru to not give up hope. She reached the scene with less than 45 secounds left, she then grabbed the box of bombs and ran deeper into the sewer. Daru and Yuki both survived, while no news regarding Suzuha has been heard, Kurisu mentioned that as the Satellite on the Radio Kaikan disappeared, Suzuha should be fine. Then, Daru continues his Comima looting.

Story 3: Vermilion Sooteer (Kurisu)Edit

Takes place in α0.328403%. Though written drawn out as "Sooteer" (ソーテール), the title is likely supposed to mean the Greek epithet "Soter".[2]

Depicts Kurisu time leaping to Aug 13th to motivate Okabe so that he time leaps again into the past and seek help from her.

After numerous failed timeleap attempts, Okabe tried to destroy the timeleap machine but stopped by Kurisu, he then ran to the front of UPX complex and sat there, giving up on saving Mayuri. Faris found him and brought him back to the lab,where Daru and Mayuri were no where to be seen.There were blood stains on the flood with no one in the lab, Kuroki suggested them to go to Faris's place for safety. Faris and Kurisu seek help from Akiha Yukitaka. In the process of explaining the situation to Yukitaka, Kurisu learnt that he and her father, Prof Nakabachi were friends

Story 4:  Ghosting Rendezvous (Suzuha)Edit

Ghosting Rendezvous01

Suzuha wake up, and see two other version of herself.

Takes place in α0.337337%. Depicts how Suzuha in the alpha world line gets support from two other Suzuhas from a different attractor field world line. The background of the story is very similar to the α0.337187% world line of the original story which takes place after Okabe stops Suzuha from leaving. After discovering the time machine had broken, Suzuha hesitates over her priorities between her mission and friendship resulting in seeing two ghosting figments of herself from the Beta attractor field world line and an unknown peaceful world line. Later they refer to each other as Alpha, Beta and Omega. Despite their presence, only Alpha Suzuha can prove Beta's and Omega's existence. To other people, they are unable to be seen nor heard, but can see their interaction with the environment. They are treated as ghosts by people around Alpha.

The Beta Suzuha from the Beta attractor field wears a military outfit and feels crisp and serious from Alpha Suzuha's perspective. The Omega version of Suzuha, who wears a maid outfit, is a spoiled kid living a peaceful life with no knowledge of time travel. The world line where Omega Suzuha comes from isn't mentioned in the story.

Suzuha learns early on from Omega that Daru is her father. Since Beta has more experience in fixing the time machine, she was in charge of fixing it. When she finds out that Alpha Suzuha's Time Machine can only travel back to the past, Beta tells Alpha that she should go spend more time with dad instead of fixing the time machine. She sends Alpha to shop for replacement parts with Daru. Later, Daru helps Beta with the repairing, although they are unable to speak to communicate directly, so Beta and Daru exchange Mails.

While Daru is helping Beta fix the time machine Alpha Suzuha goes back to her part-time job. When Alpha Suzuha talks to Yuugo, she is accidentally told about the fate of her future and that Suzu Hashida (Alpha Suzuha) had already passed away. She decides not to ask about how she dies. After she finishes her part-time job she meets Kurisu. During their conversation, she finds out that Kurisu isn't the evil person she imagined before traveling to 2010. They also discover their similarity in the sense that both of their fathers had devoted most of their life to time machines/travel.
Ghosting Rendezvous02

Suzuha hang out with Daru.

The next morning, Alpha Suzuha comes to check the time machine repairing progress. Beta apologizes to Alpha Suzuha for Daru accidentally finding out that that time machine can only travel back to the past. Alpha Suzuha then asks Daru to show her around the city. While Daru is resting in the laboratory, Omega tells Alpha that it is like a date in some way, and suggests she should change her outfit to something cuter for this special occasion. Alpha Suzuha and Daru have a great time while they spend their afternoon together. At the end of their "date" Daru reminds himself of the time machine, and the fact that Suzuha will never be able to come back if she travels back to 1975. This leads to an emotional conversation. Alpha Suzuha finally understands her father isn't the emotionless and rational person she had always imagined him to be, but someone with human emotions just like herself. The reason why her dad locked himself up and didn't meet with Suzuha in the future, is not only because it's the only way he can finish the time machine without being discovered by SERN and fail to give humanity its last hope, but also because he already knows that his daughter will meet with him again in the year 2010. Alpha Suzuha then lies to Daru, and tells him that the grown up version of her might be still alive, and this is merely a small departure, but Daru doesn't look convinced.

On their way back, Kurisu shows up. Alpha Suzuha thanks Kurisu for her effort to make sure nothing inappropriate happens between her and Daru. Kurisu then figures out that Suzuha leaves that night and that she won't be able to come back afterward. Suzuha is surprised that Kurisu truly cares about her. She regrets both, not having noticed that earlier and her original impression of Kurisu. She than repeated the same lie to Kurisu that this is just a small departure.

When the night falls, Alpha Suzuha comes to the time machine with the other two versions of herself. After finishing the final checkup of the time machine, Beta Suzuha suddenly suggests maybe she can go to the past instead, so Alpha Suzuha can stay here with dad. Alpha Suzuha feels happy for Beta Suzuha to make such a gesture, but she declines, saying that she is going to the past for herself. When the two ghosting figments become increasingly unstable she finds out that both Beta and Omega are worrying about her. She realized even though these three version of herself look and act different from the outside, deep inside their hearts they are all still Amane Suzuha. When the two ghosting figures begin fading, Alpha Suzuha thanks Omega for her suggestion for the outfit, so she could hear dad say she was cute. She also says to Omega that both she and Beta are trying hard so we can reach you. (which strongly implied that Omega is from "The Steins Gate" world line where the True End of the main plot occurs.) She realized the existence of Omega mean there is a peaceful world line out there thus their goal actually exists, and she is their hope. For her final request, Alpha Suzuha asks Omega, "Don't trouble Mom and Dad too much OK?", and tells her she is counting on her. After both of the figures fade and Suzuha thanks the Beta for fixing the time machine, She goes inside the time machine and activates it.
Ghosting Rendezvous03
Suzuha finds herself in bed, and hears her mother telling her to wake up. Usually she would try to stay in bed for as long as possible, but this time she doesn't feel like it. The words "Don't trouble Mom and Dad too much OK?" were still in her mind. Thus she decides to get out of bed. Her mother is surprised and happy that Suzuha woke up by herself. Suzuha decides for the first time to offer washing the dishes after she finished breakfast to the delight of her mother. 

Story 5: A Strange Building Filled of Love (Tennouji Yuugo)Edit

Takes place in δ3.386019%. Tennouji Yuugo won a lottery and decided to use the prize money to repair or rebuild the Building where there exists the CRT workshop and the Future Gadget Lab, to make Nae happier. Lately Nae seemed lonely so Yuugo tries to cheer her up with the money he got. He asks the 2nd floor Labmems for opinion about rebuilding or not, but in the end he decided to rebuild it by himself.

It took a year for the building to be done, but somehow later the lab messed up in someway. And Nae still couldn't clearly tells her father what is missing. All she remembered there was a Mountain Bike in front of the building. Indirectly mentioned, Nae's loneliness is due too Suzuha left the workshop. And with the mess spent all the lottery prize, it was fixed with a D-Mails. And the last D-Mail sent tells Yuugo that tIme will cure that loneliness within Nae. So in the end he rebuild it but it stood with the same look as before. And turns the vacant 3rd floor as a Cat themed Playground.

Another timeskip, a decade and a few years later. Nae befriended a little girl and usually plays in the 3rd floor. The little girl apparently keeps coming there by bike. Nae braids the little girl's hair and Yuugo takes a photo of them.

Story 6: Super hero Chat-noir (Faris Nyannyan)Edit

Takes place in δ3.030493%.

Ferris and Suzuha form a pair of superheroes.

Story 7: Hermaphroditus in Labyrinth (Ruka)Edit

Takes place in β1.049326

Okabe gives up on saving Mayuri but Ruka won't abandon Mayuri.

Story 8: Eternal Polaris (Mayuri)Edit

Takes place in α0.571046% and Ω-0.195284%.

Mayuri makes Okabe her hostage in order to save both of them from their fate.

Story 9: Quantum excited in Coma (Moeka)Edit

Takes place in α0.509736%.

Moeka confronts the rounders in order to save the Labmems.

Story 10: Three Contrapasso About The Abduction (Okabe)Edit

Takes place in ε4.456441, 4.456442, 4.493624, 4.493623, 4.530805, 4.530806%.

Okabe runs against the clock trying to keep Mayuri from being kidnapped while suffering from amnesia right after doing a time leap.

Story 11: Lunar Halo Bifröst (Tennouji Nae)Edit

Takes place in α0.337161.

Two years later Nae hasn't forgotten the Labmems and while wondering if she'll meet them again she runs into Daru and then they try to build another time machine and change the past.


PS3・Xbox 360『STEINS;GATE 線形拘束のフェノグラム』オープニングムービー02:11

PS3・Xbox 360『STEINS;GATE 線形拘束のフェノグラム』オープニングムービー

Linear Bounded Phenogram's OP

STEINS;GATE Phenogram VN preview02:01

STEINS;GATE Phenogram VN preview



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