Tsuzuri Imamiya
Name in Japanese 今宮 綴
Romaji Translation Imamiya Tsuzuri
Personal Info
Age 20's
Occupation University student
Status Deceased

Imamiya Tsuzuri (今宮 綴 いまみや つづり?) Is the wife of Tennouji Yuugo and mother of his daughter Nae. In the Alpha Attractor Field Divergence 0.523307%, she was studying as a university student under Hashida Suzu, when she met Tennouji in 1997. Though Tennouji tells others that she died in childbirth, she really was turned into a jellyman by SERN as a warning to him around October 22, 2001. She was pregnant with their second child.

Her story is told in the manga Braunian Motion of Love and Hate.




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