Okay, so this is a question I am mulling over at the moment. Be forwarned of spoilers for both Steins;Gate and Robotics;Notes below!

I am playing/reading through the visual novel for the first time, and I just got to the point where Daru discovers the direct optical fiber cable lines leading to SERN from Mr. Braun's shop. It is certain that it was SERN which laid the lines, and there are a few theories as to why. When I remembered that the direct line's access to the LHC was necessary in order to build the time-leap machine, I got to wondering. In the long trailer for the movie, Kurisu apparently succeeds in making and using a time-leap machine in the Steins Gate world line, which means the direct line to SERN should be present as well, right? Does that mean that, as in the Alpha Attractor Field, Mr. Braun is a Rounder in the Beta Attractor Field?

It surprised me when I realized that, because I had recently been wondering if he either wasn't a Rounder in the Beta Attractor Field or else had found a way to quit being one, seeing as how Nae is a member of the resistance against the Committee of 300 in Robotics;Notes.