Yuki Amane
Amane Yuki profile
Name in Japanese 阿万音 由季
Romaji Translation Amane Yuki
Debut (Anime) OVA: Egoistic Poriomania
Voice Actor (Japanese) Yukari Tamura
Voice Actor (English) Cherami Leigh
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 22
Birthday May 31st 1988 (Aries)
Blood Type O
Height 162 cm
Weight 51 kg
Status Active

Yuki Amane ( 阿万音 由季 Amane Yuki?) is a friend and fellow cosplayer of Mayuri Shiina. Though unknown to Daru, she is his future wife and the mother of Suzuha Amane.

Amane Yuki in full length as she appears in the light novel Pandora of Eternal Return.


Yuki has shoulder-length brown hair, along with blue eyes. She is rarely seen outside of her cosplay outfits.


Yuki is a cheerful and optimistic woman. She is tolerable to Daru's perverted jokes. Loves Daru even after he died in the future. Determined and understanding, kept Barrel Titor (Daru)'s name from being known by Suzuha to ensure her mission to be successful.


Daru's wife. In VN Linear Bounded Phenogram at a different timeline, they met each other during the Comima. She was cosplaying a Rainet character, chopstick girl when she accidentally bumped into Daru.

She was the one who introduced 'moe' and cosplay to Suzuha at year 2035 in manga Boukan no Rebellion. Thus, making Suzuha excited to go to Comima in Steins;Gate VN Suzuha's ending route. She was killed by Kayano in a maid cosplay which was intended to show Suzuha before Suzuha carry out the time travelling mission.

In Steins;Gate 0's Altair & Vega route, Kagari Shiina had plastic surgery to look like Yuki Amane. It was revealed that the original Yuki Amane is safe and is studying in Europe.


  • Yuki's voice actress, in Japanese and English, also voices her daughter Suzuha.